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We provide sliding glass door & window repair in miami, broward and palm beach.

If you ever are in need of glass door repair our company will be right here and ready to lend a helping hand . We specialize in all types of glass repair for windows and doors.

Welcome To PGM Window & Door Repair


Sliding Glass Door Repair

If your sliding glass door needs to be repaired call us today. We specialize in glass replacement, sliding glass door rollers, sliding glass door tracks, sliding glass door locks & handles. We serve miami , Miramar , Boca Raton & cities in between.

Window glass repair

Glass windows are essential to your home or business from protection from the elements and security but often they need the glass repaired , we are here to help when you are in need . So if you are in miami or in Fort Lauderdale or any city in between call us today. We also offer impact resistant as well as tempered glass and insulated glass.

Residential glass repair

One of our specialties is storefront glass repair and we are also available for emergency glass repair should you need it. We stock various glass sizes to help your business get back to business. Our service is available in miami , broward and west palm beach

Commercial Glass Repair

We specialize in storefront glass repair and and maintenance with emergency glass repair available. Whether your business is in Miami, up in Fort Lauderdale or in West Palm beach, our glass business is keeping your business up and running.

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Emergency glass repair

We are the professionals on emergency glass repair and are always standing by in case you need us on a 24hr basis for both residential & commercial. Our trucks are stocked with board up material and various glass sizes ready to go. Our services are available in miami , broward county and palm beach county.

Board up service

If you need board up service, we are here to help. We offer 24hr board up service for residential & commercial properties. Our trucks are stocked with emergency board up materials and also for commercial board up. Services are available in miami , sunrise ,west palm beach and cities in between.

Glass Repair

As experts in everything glass, we understand when to repair a glass window or door vs. when to replace it. Ask for an expert consultation on your glass repair, today. Don’t miss our bulletin on Hurricane Preparedness for Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach!

Glass Replacement

Sometimes windows or doors can be repaired, and sometimes they can’t. When an item is at its end-of-life, we can do replacements of doors, windows and other glass-related items in the home or business. Sliding door repair whether in Miami, West Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale is one of our more common requests.

Commercial Door Repair

Our mission is to be Florida’s top-rated glass repair and replacement service. With trucks working 24/7 in the region, we hope to be the best service in the industry. Reach out to us, today, for an estimate on your service needs..

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Who We Are

We Are The #1 Window & Door Repair Experts In Miami, Florida

As a company that specializes in window and door repair services in Miami, Florida we address all local requests and do so with ultimate professionalism. You can trust our team with an urgent window repair or a home door repair service and be absolutely sure about the expert way the job is done and the unparalleled customer care.

Welcome To PGM Window & Door Repair

We Have 15 Years of Experience in Window & Door Repair

Established as a committed company, we go all out to serve quickly every time there’s a need for home door &window repair in Miami, Florida . Let us assure you that we have a long experience in the field and all types of windows.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

At PGM Window and Door Repair we address small and big problems before you know it.

Professional Installation

Established as a committed company, we go all out to serve quickly every time there’s a need for home window repair in Miami, Florida.

Fast Turnaround

If you want fast & accurate house window repair, call our team

Repair Pros

As specialists in window services, we tackle all problems.


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"This company has been a pleasure to work with PGM Window & Door Repair. They are professional and truly care about the quality of their work."

    Leonard Greer

    "PGM Window & Door Repair did a fantastic job for our company and I would highly recommend them! We interviewed nearly a dozen window & door repair companies to repair all windows and sliding glass doors at four different apartment buildings."

      Adina Aguirre

      "I would like to take the time to thank the whole team who worked with great professionalism in order to be able to satisfy us. Well done to the whole team, you are truly exceptional."

        Haroon Ward


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